Sell Your Stuff on Ebay

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are Sell Your Stuff on Ebay?
2. Why use Sell Your Stuff on Ebay?
3. Can you collect my stuff and what are the charges?
4. What does Sell Your Stuff on Ebay do with each item?
5. When will I get paid for the sale of my item?
6. Which items are best to sell through Sell Your Stuff on Ebay?
7. What do Sell Your Stuff on Ebay charges for its service?
8. What is the relationship between Sell Your Stuff on Ebay and

Q. Who are Sell Your Stuff on Ebay?

A. Sell Your Stuff on Ebay is a registered and qualified eBay Trading Assistants. We take the hassle out of selling your items on eBay (plus other appropriate outlets) and make it easy to turn your unwanted, unneeded and unused items into cash.

We also use eBay to provide a full outsourcing service to businesses, dealers and manufacturers who wish to sell excess inventory or return items on the internet but do not have the time or manpower to do so. Items for sale are delivered to our premises, or collected by us, and we do the rest; research, listing, photography, liaising with buyers, shipping, logistics, customer service and settlement - this means great prices, no hassle and complete confidentiality.

Q. Why use Sell Your Stuff onEbay?

A. Convenience; You decide what you want to sell – leave the rest to us. With a range of options available for getting your items to us – either by dropping them off at our premises or arranging collection for you, plus the fact we handle the entire sales process – we pride ourselves on a service which is super convenient for you, our customers.

  • We are eBay “Power Sellers”, with 100% positive feedback rating. Buyers can be certain that their transactions will go smoothly and they are dealing with a seller who has consistently met & exceeded the requirements established by eBay.
  • We choose the optimal listing and pricing strategy for your items; be it by Dutch auction, reserve price or Buy It Now/ Best Offer auctions, or with premium listings.
  • Our staff are experts in consumer electronics, designer fashion, antique and modern furniture, cameras, collectables, vintage toys, jewellery etc. They research and write professional listing for your items to make sure they are presented in the best possible light.
  • We place your items on eBay with full colour professional photos, taken in our studio with professional equipment, to ensure every important detail is captured.
  • We carefully pack and post items to the UK, Europe and Worldwide. On average, 1/4 of our eBay buyers are located outside the UK.
  • Since we take a share of the sale proceeds, your interest is our interest.

Q. Can you collect my items and what are the charges?

A. Yes we can! We can collect from your home, work or storage facility. Costs for collection depend on where you are, the size of the consignment, and how many people are needed. For a quote, please call us on 0330 606 1490, Email us or simply fill out our simple enquiry form

Q. What does Sell Your Stuff on Ebay do with each item?

1. Create a customer account and give you a receipt for your item(s) to say we have them in our possession.
2. Research and compose a professional description for the items.
3. Present the items with as many photographs as necessary.
4. Place the items in the most advantageous listing category out of 50,000 eBay selections.
5. Initiate the auctions at an optimised time slot.
6. Answer potential buyers’ questions during the auction period.
7. Consult with client over any out of auction offers made.
8. Communicate with the successful buyer.
9. Collect payment & insure against eBay fraud.
10. Pack and ship the items.
11. Handle returns or complaints; PayPal & credit card disputes.
12. Keep you informed with statements
13. Send you payment by cheque or bank transfer approximately 6-8 weeks after the date of the receipt.

Once we have the items, we will check them against the inventory and prepare the listings. This can take up to 7-10 days. When the listings are live, we'll drop you an email with a link to a page in eBay which has just your auctions on it so that you can follow the bidding. Much of the bidding happens at the last minute on eBay, so please don't be disheartened if it looks as though everything is going for a fiver early on!

Once the auctions are closed, we'll send you an update with prices achieved, and then we'll be doing the hard work of chasing the buyers for payment and making sure they receive the items. They have a week to pay and another week to return goods if not satisfied. If anything is unsold, we re-run the auctions. Once we are sure each item is closed, we'll add it all up and send you a detailed breakdown of prices and our fees and a cheque for the balance in the post (or can arrange a direct bank transfer if you prefer).

Q. When will I get paid from the sale of my item?

A. On average 4 weeks after the sale of the item however it can take upto 8 weeks after receipt of your items; after the items have been sold, the return period is closed and each item in a batch is complete. It can take longer for complex batches or items with reserves or returns. We make two monthly payments on 14th and 28th of each month. Our default and prefered payment method is by bank transfer, payment via cheque or cash can be arranged.

Q. Which items are best to sell through Sell Your Stuff on Ebay?

A. There are over 50,000 eBay categories; almost any item can be sold, as long as it is not prohibited. We would advise that any one off item you wish to sell has a worth of more than £50 to ensure you make the most out of our service. We will take items of lower values but please be aware that there are set fees that can reduce the amount of money you will receive. Please refer to the What Sells section for further details.

Q. What do Sell Your Stuff on Ebay charge for its service?

A. Please see Fees page. For Business Sellers - Please see the Business Services page and contact us for our service options and commission rates.

Q. What is the relationship between Sell Your Stuff on Ebay and

A. Sell Your Stuff on Ebay is a recognised eBay Trading Assistant and eBay PowerSeller. We have a good working relationship with eBay and use eBay as our preferred platform. Sell Your Stuff on Ebay is not owned by or otherwise associated with eBay.