Sell Your Stuff on Ebay

A little bit about us

Sell Your Stuff on Ebay (SYSOE) are a unique eBay Trading Assistant, based in Manchester but offering a nationwide coverage with locations in Manchester, Birmingham, London, Leeds and Bristol. An eBay Trading Assistant makes it easy to turn unwanted or unneeded valuables into cash. When you are just too busy to do it yourself, let an eBay Trading Assistant help you turn your unwanted items into cash. Sell Your Stuff on Ebay are qualified eBay Trading Assistants and can can take the hassle out of selling your items on eBay.

Sell Your Stuff on Ebay (SYSOE) help people to trade on the internet using the eBay marketplace, making it easy to turn unwanted or unneeded items into cash. With our expert knowledge of online auctions and sound reputation we can sell pretty much anything on your behalf. By hiring Sell Your Stuff on Ebay (SYSOE) as your eBay Trading Assistant, you can take advantage of all we have to offer; our selling expertise, save time and effort, and still reap the rewards of selling your stuff on eBay.

Sell Your Stuff onEbay was founded in 2009 providing full outsourcing services for consumers, businesses, antique dealers and wholesalers and manufacturers who wish to sell unwanted valuables, excess inventory or liquidated stock, but do not have the time or expertise to do so.

We offer sellers outstanding levels of service and reliability, meaning that all the hard work of finding buyers, collecting payment, shipping and handling returns is dealt with effectively and efficiently. No item is lost, no item is left behind.

Company Background

Sell Your Stuff on eBay (SYSOE) is a PB Holdings company, founded by Stuart Moir and Gary Cooke August 2009. Seeing a gap in the market for a quality and strategic internet trading assistant, Stuart and Gary launched SYSOE. Based in the Swinton suburb of Mancheter, operating from a substantial 1500 sq ft premises with locations in Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and London. Our network of agents is growing at a phenomenal rate and look forward to opening a local branch in your area. Contact us for more information about becoming part of our family.